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This November, while I was in Pakistan – I spent my entire month busy – hopping to and fro in my formal suits between Multan and Islamabad to “apply” and “get” tourist visas at different states’ embassies in Islamabad, including one for Brazil. There are very few places my wanderlust heart does not want to explore, but Brazil was among those special travel places my heart longed for most. To be honest, my obsession with Brazil started a few months back when I watched some vlogs and videos of things to do in Brazil. It was almost like being in a trance the first time I saw visuals of that gorgeous country. I not only wanted to visit Brazil because of their incredible soccer, but I wanted to visit one of their totally awesome water resorts, beaches, lush green rainforests. Add that curiosity to the magnificent beauty of a place like Brazil’s 7,400 kilometer-long Atlantic coast lined with golden sand beaches, and there is no way that I could fail with a trip there. The world-class Brazilian art museums might not be the most important areas in Brazil, but with a breathtaking landscape such as resorts overlooking the water and lush green hills, those picture-perfect buildings from the time of Portuguese colonial rule in Brazil, exciting cultural destinations with attractions for all tastes, along with the pulsing rhythms of Rio’s Carnival – who could possibly resist from visiting this tropical heaven?

Getting Brazilian Tourist Visa on Pakistani Passport: Here’s How I Applied & Successfully Got A Tourist Visa in Just 48-Hours!

Brazilian Tourist Visa from Pakistan on Pakistani Passport
Surprisingly, being a Pakistani nationality holder – getting a Brazilian Tourist Visa on Pakistani passport was pretty straightforward and simple for me. The visa application process was a doddle and will be duck soup for you as well if you adopt the right submission strategy. Here’s how I got my Brazilian Tourist Visa on Pakistani Passport in just 48 hours… Since the Embassy of Brazil was located in Islamabad, it stands to reason why I contacted them via email to make sure they are operational on this and this day and confirm the documents required, before I cover the 550km+ distance from Multan to Islamabad. The Embassy of Brazil was pretty quick in their response, and a few hours later I got a proper email from their embassy – mentioning the link to the visa application letter, embassy visiting time and the requirement for acquiring the tourist visa.

Here’s The Procedure That I Followed:

  • First, I filled the online Brazil Visa Application Form. The form is in Portuguese, however, you can use the language translate feature of Google Chrome to translate the entire form in English and fill the boxes accurately. View Template Here
  • After filling out the form online, I printed out the confirmation form. Pasted my passport-size photo in the appropriate place, provided my contact number and signed the application.
  • I drove all the way from Multan to Islamabad to present the Visa Application Form to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Brazil, with my passport and other required documents for getting the Brazilian Tourist Visa.

Documents That I Took With Me to the Embassy of Brazil:

  • Visa application form filled online, with the passport-size picture pasted onto it
  • My Pakistani passport
  • My Bank Deposit Slip
  • My Marriage Certificate
  • My FRC (Family Registration Certificate)
  • Copy of the passport on A4-size paper (please, do not cut down to size)
  • Original Police Character Certificate
  • Hotel reservation proof in Brazil
  • Brazil Arrival and Departure Dates
  • My Bank statement of last six months along with bank letter
  • My Visa Request Letter

Reaching The Embassy of Brazil In Islamabad

I reached the embassy at sharp 10 in the morning. The Embassy of Brazil was located in a posh area of Islamabad, surrounded by mansions costing who-knows-how-many crores. I just parked my car outside and walked in the door where a guy was waiting, handed him my passport and showed him the application form. The guy asked me to first deposit the Visa Fee of $80 (around 13,000 PKR) at any HBL branch so that my appointment gets confirmed with the embassy.
The Embassy of Brazil in Islamabad.
Note: The Visa fee has to be paid in cash (US Dollars). I drove to the nearest money exchange to convert local PKR currency into Dollars, and then to the nearest HBL branch to deposit the Visa Fee. I was given a confirmation slip by the respective bank, as a payment proof. I was now back at the Embassy, where I showed the payment slip to the guy and he granted me straight entry into the embassy. Here I was accompanied by a consular officer, who scheduled a same-day Visa interview.

Visa Interview Session with the Consular Officer

It was a 30-minute visa interview session, in which the consular officer first carefully examined my attached documents and then asked me different questions like Why I want to travel to Brazil? What’s my employment status? If it’s the first time I am traveling abroad? As part of the interview process, ink-free, digital fingerprint scans were also taken. The consular officer then asked me to get my documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan and submit the attested documents back to the embassy until 5 p.m. What Documents Need To Be Attested by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs? – Marriage Certificate (if you are married), Birth Certificate (if you are unmarried), Police Character Certificate, and Family Registration Certificate – are the main documents that need to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The MOFA Islamabad was located at a mere 10-minute drive from the Embassy of Brazil. I submitted my documents, and the officer asked me to get my documents back at 5 p.m. Meanwhile, I went to a nearby 5-star restaurant for Hi-Tea, munched on some snacks, and mellowed out on their comfortable sofa. At 5 p.m sharp, I was back at the MOFA building. Pressed for time – I got my attested documents and flew out of the building in a tearing hurry so that I can submit the documents to the Embassy. I reached the Embassy at 5:15 p.m. and it was closed by that time. However, I requested the guy at the entrance to please keep these attested certificates in my file. On my firm and persistent demand, he agreed upon my request. I breathed a sigh of relief. I was finally over and done with my visa procedure. I drove all the way back to Multan. Now all I had to do was to wait for the Brazil Tourist Visa Approval!

Got My Brazilian Tourist Visa in 48 Hours

Just a day after while I had just finished eating my breakfast… my doorbell rang. To my surprise, it was a courier from the Embassy of Brazil. My passport with a Brazilian tourist visa stamp had just arrived… Wonders will never cease!!!

Booking My Flight To Brazil: Here’s How I Got 60% OFF on My Flight Ticket!

Due to the Christmas season and a higher level of demand, all the airlines were charging exorbitant rates for flights to Brazil. During the holiday season, it’s common for travelers to pay through the nose to catch flights to abroad destinations. I mean $1500 (PKR 200,000+) for a flight from the United Kingdom to Brazil is literally a daylight robbery, isn’t it? But you guys know – Sultan of Multan knows the special art to efficiently tackle every situation. I Got Flight Tickets to Brazil @ 60% Discounted Price & Here’s How…
Brazil Norwegian Airlines Flight Ticket
My Brazil Flight Ticket Receipt by Norwegian Airline
Google Flights is the Secret! It’s the best and my ultimate favorite portal to register flight tickets at discounted rates. Apply some filters, sort the list by “Lowest Price to Highest Price”, and you will win the best deal. The online tool also displays you a price graph, showing the days of the year when airlines offer flight tickets at their cheapest best and the days when the same flight tickets might cost an arm and a leg. I secured a $620 flight from the UK to Brazil via Norwegian Airlines. My experience with Norwegian was as good as with any other normal airline. Being a budget airline means that you the passenger get an ultra-low-cost ticket, but you then have to pay for any and all extras which may normally be provided free of cost by a mainstream airline. For example, in my case, the airline didn’t provide us with free water or snacks during the entire 11-hour long journey. So I ordered some snacks which cost me $45. But still, it was worth traveling with Norwegian Airlines as it saved me around $900!

My Stay in Brazil

Brazil Rio De Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro was the city in which I arrived, while Hotel Ramada Encore Ribalta was the hotel which I chose for my stay in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is a city of 14 million people and a town of flair, style, history, civilization, and extravagance, all stitched with underlying vibrancy and sensuality that can be experienced nowhere else. It’s a super-city in which everything blends into everything else, the old and the new, the fast and the slow, the wealthy and the poor. From magnificent coastlines to edgy underground nightlife haunts, from majestic monuments to favela societies, Rio is a city that leads vacationers on a lively trajectory. There are hundreds of things to do in Rio de Janeiro, that you can spend weeks here researching this town in all its glorious detail. However, because I had been here for just a couple of days, here is what I managed to explore.

Made A New Friend in Brazil

I feasted on a delicious lunch at AMIR – Brazil’s famous Middle Eastern restaurant. I ordered rice, lamb, and kebabs – but the meal was served in such a large quantity, that so much was left even after I was fully stuffed. So I asked the hotel management to pack the food for me, thinking that I will consume the leftover food later at night.
I left for the beach, where I saw a young street hawker selling nuts, potato crackers, and popcorn. He was persuading every passer-by to purchase the eatables from him. Seeing him work so hard for his bread and butter, I was deeply touched and decided to share the leftover kebabs, Arabian rice and lamb masala with this guy. I handed him the packed food boxes and told that it’s a fresh meal which I recently got packaged for myself from the restaurant. He felt so delighted that he hugged me tightly and extended his heartfelt gratitude to me. He even took my Whatsapp Number and asked for a selfie!

A Short Stay in São Paulo, Brazil

After exploring Brazil, it was time to catch a flight to my next destination – Paraguay. Unfortunately, there we available no direct flights from Rio Brazil to Asunción Paraguay, and the ones available were pretty expensive. At last, Google Flights showed a cheap flight available from São Paulo Brazil to Asunción Paraguay. São Paulo was located at a 3-hour flight distance from Rio de Janeiro (my city of stay in Brazil). However, the cost and fatigue of all these extra distances were nothing when compared to the cheap flight ticket that I scored via Google Flights! On reaching São Paulo Congonhas Aiport (CGH) – I booked a private driver straight to the São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport (GRU), the airport from where I had to catch my next flight to Paraguay. The taxi driver was friendly and both us had an amazing chit-chat with each other. Unfortunately, his FORD KA hatchback overheated and broke down. I got out of the car and pushed the car, while the driver steered it to the roadside. We opened the trunk and saw huge fumes of white smoke coming from the radiator with ssshhhhhh sounds. The driver got some cold water bottles from the nearby shop, and both of us cooled down the radiator.
Selfie with the car driver. Overheated FORD KA can be seen in the back.
Once the car came to its normal temperature, we resumed our journey to the airport. On our way, we played Party Hip/Hop songs on loudspeakers and enjoyed every mile that passed by. Unfortunately, while we were just a few miles away from the airport, the FORD KA again overheated and broke down. The driver asked me to book an UBER from here so that I could reach the airport on time and catch my flight. I asked him for the ride fare, but he refused. Even on my firm insistence, he refused to accept even a single penny. The man was not just a barrel of laughs, but also extremely sweet and nice. I hugged and thanked him for showing me such respect, and wished him luck with this car. Meanwhile, the UBER had just arrived. I got into the UBER taxi and was now headed towards the airport for my Paraguay flight.



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