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How To Book UEFA EURO 2020 Tickets: A Step-By-Step Guide with Video Tutorial

UEFA Euro 2020 Ticket Booking

Looking to apply for UEFA EURO 2020 Tickets? This post here shares a complete step-by-step guide to booking confirmed tickets for the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship + answers to all questions regarding Euro 2020 Tickets.

The UEFA EURO 2020 will be held in 12 cities across the continent between 12 June – 12 July 2020, with 51 matches taking place across some of football’s most iconic venues.

Rome will kick off the championship, hosting the opening game on Friday 12 June 2020. All the 12 cities – Bilbao, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Amsterdam, Munich, Rome, Copenhagen, Budapest, St Petersburg, Bucharest, Baku – will host three group stage matches – including at least two games of their national team, if they quality – and also one round-of-16 or quarter-final match.

The finals will be held in London, where the London Wembley Stadium will host the two semi-finals and the final, and the Euro 2020 champion will be crowned on Sunday 12 July 2020.

UEFA Euro 2020 Tickets

The 2020 UEFA is going to be the biggest Football Champions League event ever with three million tickets being sold in the two different phases — 1.5 million tickets allocated to each phase.

The first ballot of the tournament (12 June 2019 – 12 July 2019) is now closed. The window of the first phase of ticket application received over 14 million ticket requests for the 1.5 million tickets: a record level of demand for this tournament.

The second and final phase of the ticket application is CURRENTLY OPEN. The general public can apply for Euro 2020 tickets between 4 December 2019 to 18 December 2019.

Book Confirmed Tickets for EURO 2020: Apply Now

With the final application window closing on 18 December, fans have the last chance to apply for Euro 2020 tickets. In total, there are 1.5million tickets available in the second ballot for the tournament. A random draw will take place, and tickets will be granted to the lucky draw winners. Once the random draw has taken place, the winning participants will be notified about the tickets allocated via email and will be invited to pay for the confirmation of the tickets.

How To Apply for UEFA EURO 2020 Tickets?

  • Visit UEFA’s Online Ticket Application Portal [CLICK HERE]
  • Scroll down to the General Ticket Sales section, and click on “Apply For Tickets”
  • Create your account – you have to enter your email address, Full Name, Date of Birth. Make sure to confirm and activate your account from the link sent to you at your provided email address
  • Afterward, you will be redirected to the UEFA user dashboard, from where you can create your application for the EURO 2020.
  • Click on “Create or Edit Your Application”
  • The application consists of 3 required steps – Filling in your details; Choosing tickets; Finalizing the application.


  • Enter in your details like – Nationality, Passport/ID Number, Language, Home Address, Country, City, Mobile Phone Number
  • Choose your favorite football team (Optional)
  • Click on “Confirm My Details”.


  • Select the matches you would like to attend. You can also apply different filters, like searching for matches in a specific city or in between particular dates.
  • Since there’s no bulk feature – so you can tick off several matches in one go.
  • After you have selected a single match, you have to choose the ticket category and the ticket quantity.
  • Repeat the same steps, for booking a ticket for another match.
  • After you have successfully applied for the tickets, click on “Confirm My Choice”.

*Each person can book up to 4 tickets per match.


Here, you have to finalize your details and send your application to the UEFA department.

You will be asked if you can accept tickets in another Ticket Category or not. You can either accept or decline this offer.

What’s this option for? For example, if a match ticket is not available in your chosen Ticket Category, let’s say in Category 3, the UEFA department will then search for the available tickets in the remaining two categories and assign you one in an alternative category. The invoice for the ticket will be changed accordingly. Accept this option only if you — are an avid football fan, have got enough bank balance for purchasing tickets in any of the categories, and want to increase your chances of getting tickets.

Submit your Application.


Why are there different Ticket Categories & why they are priced differently?

There are 3 different ticket categories available:

  • Category 1: The most expensive ticket category, with a VIP seat in the Side Stands. It offers the clearest view of the gameplay.
  • Category 2: The category 2 ticket offers seats in the end or corner stands. A little cheaper than a Category 1 ticket.
  • Category 3: Offers the cheapest seats in the football stadium. Seats are located behind the two goals. This section does not offer clear views of the gameplay, but ideal for passionate fans who want to experience the atmosphere and sing, shout and cheer.

What are the EURO 2020 Ticket Prices?

Tickets are divided into 3 categories – Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3

Group – Play-Off – Round Of 16:

For the Group, Play-Off, and Round of 16 phases, the tickets are priced at:

  • Category 1: 125 EUR to 185 EUR / per ticket
  • Category 2: 75 EUR to 125 EUR / per ticket
  • Category 3: 30 EUR to 50 EUR / per ticket


Tickets for the Quarter Final stage are priced at:

  • Category 1: 225 EUR / per ticket
  • Category 2: 145 EUR / per ticket
  • Category 3: 75 EUR / per ticket


Tickets for the Semi-Final matches of EURO 2020 tournament are priced at:

  • Category 1: 595 EUR / per ticket
  • Category 2: 345 EUR / per ticket
  • Category 3: 195 EUR / per ticket


Tickets for the Final match of 2020 UEFA European Football Championship are priced at:

  • Category 1: 945 EUR / per ticket
  • Category 2: 595 EUR / per ticket
  • Category 3: 295 EUR / per ticket

When will I receive the results of my ticket application?

The outcome of your application will be announced by email and in the ticket portal no later than the end of January 2020.

How many tickets can I apply for?

You can apply for Single Tickets for a maximum of four people per match (yourself and up to three guests). You can apply for only one price category per match. You are not allowed to apply for more than one match that takes place on the same day.

How can I modify or edit my application?

Log in your UEFA details at the Ticket Portal [CLICK HERE]

You can edit details like your personal information, choose match tickets, etc

After you have made changes to your application, make sure to click on “Submit My New Application” at the bottom of the page.

Can I edit my application anytime?

You can’t edit your application after December 18, 2019.

Does my child need a ticket?

Yes. All children (regardless of their age) will require a valid ticket to access the stadium and will have a seat allocated to them. Even if your child can sit on your lap, a valid ticket is required. There are no reduced fares or discounts for children.

How can I sit next to my friend?

For tickets requested within one application, seats will, when possible, be found adjacent to one another. For tickets asked via different applications, you and your buddies can raise your probability of being seated together by providing your friends your group ID number when applying for tickets.

When you finish your ticket application, you’ll be given a group ID number. This will be indicated on the page confirming that your application, as well as in the verification email. You can share this Group ID with your friends and they can provide your ID number when they submit their ticket applications. This will allow you to be seated together, subject to the availability of seating.

Can I increase my chances of being successful in the lottery by applying with multiple accounts?

No. If a person is found involved in this practice, all his/her applications will be immediately canceled.

What is UEFA’s process of allocating tickets?

Since the demand is higher than the number of available tickets, UEFA will allocate tickets by random draw. In January 2020, UEFA will run a random draw to select the lucky applicants.

When will the results for the ticket application be announced?

You will be notified about the outcome of your application by the end of January 2020 at the latest. If you are approved, you will then have to make a payment to confirm your tickets.

How to make payments for the UEFA EURO 2020 tickets?

You don’t have to provide your payment details when submitting your application. Once the lottery has been finished (by the end of January 2020), the successful applicants will receive an email containing a link that lets them pay for tickets, in addition to a deadline for making this payment. If you don’t pay for all of the tickets which were allocated to you by that deadline, your entire application will be canceled.

Tickets can be paid online by any internet-enabled Visa/Mastercard debit or credit card or through Alipay.

Shall I have to purchase all of the tickets that I applied for?

Yes. If you’re successful in the lottery, then you’ll need to pay for all of the tickets which are allocated to you. You can not delete or remove certain tickets from your cart. In case you choose not to proceed with payment, then the whole application will be canceled.

Can I resell my tickets if I can’t attend a game?

The ticket resale platform will be accessible in 2020. This platform will enable fans to safely buy tickets from other fans, via an official UEFA sales station. This removes the danger of getting fake tickets and also guarantees that sellers get their cash in total.

Can I buy tickets on matchday at the stadium?

No. Tickets will only be available online.

Do I need a Fan ID to enter the stadium?

Ticket holders only need a Passport or ID card to enter the stadium. All fans attending games in Saint Petersburg (such as Russian citizens and inhabitants ) will require a FAN ID to get the scene. The FAN ID is at no charge and must be asked on this site: FAN ID. Together with the FAN ID, a valid passport is still required.



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