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Egypt Visa from Pakistan: Application Form, Requirements & DIY Guide

How To Get Egypt Visa from Pakistan on Pakistani Passport? Egypt offers magical sights that many of you might be dreaming of seeing in real since you first watched a Mummy movie or maybe some pictures of the ancient Egyptian architecture in your history books. Whatever the reason is, you must go through some formalities and official procedures before you are granted a valid Tourist Visa to Egypt.

Here, I have shared a complete step-by-step guide to getting Egypt Visa on Pakistani Passport, the download link to the PDF Egypt Visa Application Form, and the documents required for Visa Approval.

If you are a Pakistani National and want to tour Egypt on your green passport, this DIY Egypt Visa Application guide by SultanOfMultan has got you covered!

Egypt Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

To get an Egypt Visa from Pakistan, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • A copy of “correctly and clearly filled” Egypt Visa Application Form.
  • You must have a Pakistani Passport, valid until at least 6 months at the time of applying.
  • Photocopies of the first two pages of your passport.
  • Two Passport-size Photographs with white background.
  • Bank Statement of the last 03 months.
  • Confirmation of Hotel reservation in your city of stay in Egypt
  • Polio Vaccination Certificate and Dengue Test Report
  • Work letter / HR Letter / Bonafide certificate – (only required, if you are employed).
  • Registration certificate from PMDC (Pakistan Medical Commission) – (only required, if you are a doctor and run your own clinic).
  • Certificate from bar council – (only required, if you are a lawyer).
  • Bonafide certificate from university or college / last attained degree – (only required, if you are a student).
  • An Invitation letter – (only required, if you are being invited by an Egyptian company).

*Note: You must attach photocopies of all documents on A4 Size Paper.

How To Apply for Egypt Visa From Pakistan?

Step # 1: Filling The Egypt Visa Application Form

Follow this step-by-step guide to applying Egypt (Tourist, Work, Medical, or Study) Visa from Pakistan:

  • Download the Egypt Visa Application Form for Pakistan (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)
  • Fill the Egypt Visa Application Form, using any online PDF Editor Tool. I prefer Sejda PDF Editor because it’s simple and easy to use.
  • Enter all the required information in CAPITAL Letters.
  • What information is asked in the Egypt Visa Application Form? Name, Address, Phone Number, Passport Details, Arrival/Departure Dates, City of Stay, Address of Stay in Egypt, Visa Category, etc.
  • There are some fields in the application form – such as Name/Address of Relatives in Egypt, Accompanying Family Members to Egypt (spouse, sibling, parent), Previous Visits to Egypt, Name of Childrens going with you. These fields are only required if you fall under any of these said conditions. If not, you may simply leave them blank or write N/A.
  • Leave the last two blanks – Date/Place of Application and Signature – empty. You will fill them in the next step.

Step # 2: Finalizing The Documents

  • Print the Visa Application Form. Make sure the print is in good quality.
  • Mention the date and place of visa application (the application city and the date on which you are submitting the visa application to the embassy).
  • Sign the form.
  • Have you been previously issued visas to any other foreign country? You can mention the name of any other visas issued on the top left of the Visa Application Form with a lead pencil.
  • Paste a passport-sized photo with background on the upper right corner of the application form.
  • Attach the above mentioned “Egypt Visa Requirements” with your “Egypt Visa Application Letter”.

Step # 3: Sending The Documents To The Embassy

  • Once all your documents are ready, take your documents including your original passport to the nearest TCS Visatronix Express Center.
  • Submit your documents to the TCS Visatronix Center.
  • You will be asked to pay the Embassy Visa Fee and TCS Charges.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully applied for Egypt Visa from Pakistan.

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Egypt Visa Fee from Pakistan

CATEGORY Nationality Embassy Visa Fee TCS Service Charges from Islamabad TCS Service Charges from all other Cities
TOURIST SINGLE Pakistani 3,400 900 1,100
TOURIST MULTIPLE Pakistani 5,000 900 1,100
POWER OF ATTORNEY Pakistani 3,300 900 1,100
BUSINESS MULTIPLE Pakistani 7,500 900 1,100
BUSINESS SINGLE Pakistani 5,300 900 1,100
CERTIFI ARABIC TRANS Pakistani 3,700 900 1,100
Discounted Pakistani 1,500 900 1,100
LEGAL COMM DOCS (Per Page) Pakistani 7,400 900 1,100
LEGAL NON COMM DOC (Per Page) Pakistani 2,700 900 1,100
VISIT MULTIPLE ENTRY Pakistani 7,500 900 1,100
VISIT SINGLE ENTRY Pakistani 5,300 900 1,100
TRANSIT Pakistani 3,400 900 1,100
TRANSIT MULTIPLE Pakistani 5,200 900 1,100


What is the estimated time for Egypt Visa processing from Pakistan?

After your documents have been submitted, you have to wait for 3 to 4 weeks at max for the results. In most cases, the processing time takes not more than a week.

Is the Visa Fee refundable?

In case of refusal or withdrawal of visa application, the complete visa fee will be refunded by the Egypt embassy. TCS Visatronix will hand over the refunded amount to the application in a form of bank cheque.

What is the Visa type?


Which Visa Category should I select for Egypt Tourist Visa?

Tourist Single

How much Bank Balance do I need to show for Egypt Tourist Visa?

Applicants need to maintain an amount of 300,000 PKR in their bank account for a minimum period of 28 days before applying for the visa. The bank statement must reflect proof of sufficient funds to cover the lodging, food, health, and living expenses in Egypt.

How to show Hotel Booking Confirmation?

You can use to reserve a hotel in your city of stay in Egypt. Once the reservation is done, you need to print the hotel confirmation document and attach it with the documents.

*Tip: When looking for hotels, it’s recommended that you apply filters – No Prepayment Needed, Book without Credit Card, No Cancellation Fee – so that in case you want to cancel/alter the booking, you are not charged anything.

For how many days is the Egypt Tourist Visa valid?

The Egypt Tourist Visa is valid for 30 days.

Will the Egypt Embassy contact me for confirmation?

The Egypt Embassy will contact you on your provided phone number, only if an additional document or information is required for the visa processing.

What are the currency regulations?

You are allowed to carry in cash no more than 10,000 US$ or equivalent amount in any other currency. Furthermore, passengers are not allowed to carry more than 5,000 Egyptian Pounds. If found guilty of holding extra amounts, you will be subject to the legal procedure under the law of money laundering.

Still, need help with your Egypt visa application? Feel free to share your queries in the comment section below.



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